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Jamestown Property Management Company

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Jamestown Virginia property management company

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Jamestown, VA?

If you are then you can count on Dodson Property Management to be with you every step of the way!

We continually innovate and improve our services to suit the needs of property owners, tenants and the local community. Since 2007, Dodson Property Management has focused on taking care of residential single-family, multifamily and commercial properties in and beyond Virginia.

We’ve encouraged and trained our professional teams to bolster the growth of our clients’ investments with a collaborative spirit, humble attitude and high self-accountability. 

We take on the daily challenges of running a rental so tenants have a high-quality experience while living in a peaceful and safe environment. They will have access to a high-performing and responsive team working to resolve issues in all forms. This applies to your Jamestown rental home.

Having an effective support system ensures you always have systems and processes you can rely on for security and tenant satisfaction. Dodson Property Management has mastered our skills and tools so we can increase the value of our clients’ real estate properties! 

Beyond monetary goals, we’re also driven by bringing improvement to peoples’ lives – including our team and the communities we deliver our services to.

You deserve to gain profits from your real estate investment in Jamestown without any added headaches. Allow us to give you peace of mind and passive income without any accompanying stress.

Dodson Property Management VA

Dodson Property Management’s office is located in Richmond, Virginia. Feel free to reach out to us at 804 355 7368. We’ll be glad to take the difficult marketing tasks, tenant screening, rent collection and property maintenance of your Jamestown rental home off your hands!

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Our property management services

Our sincere drive to help manage your Jamestown rental home led us to offer a variety of service plans and guarantees to limit your risks. 

At Dodson Property Management, we offer a 30-day tenant placement guarantee to show you how serious we are in landing the right tenants for you quickly. Should a renter need to be evicted, we’ll handle the legal procedures and find you a high-quality replacement tenant. 

With us as your property management partner, you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees. We give you the freedom to cancel penalty-free! Our top priority is ensuring our clients are happy! Lastly, we focus on results. Until the best tenant is welcomed in your Jamestown rental home, we won’t accept a dime from you!

Here are benefits you’ll experience when you partner with Dodson Property Management:

Rental Property Marketing

On your own, you’ll have to select the best marketing strategies, monitor responses to your ads and schedule property showings. With Dodson Property Management onboard, you can expect us to handle all of these tasks as we search for a great tenant for your Jamestown rental home!

Rental Property Marketing

We’ll be in charge of crafting effective ads with professional photos and videos on popular rental sites such as Trulia and Zillow. We even track feedback from prospective renters and perform the necessary updates to your listings! 

We’ll coordinate property showings and are available to answer all types of inquiries from potential tenants. You can rest easy given the caliber of our professional team and substantial industry experience.

Tenant Screening

Finding the right tenants for your Jamestown rental home is one of our chief goals at Dodson Property Management. Even though we want to find tenants right away, we won’t just welcome anyone into your investment property in Jamestown. We’re selective and follow an extensive tenant screening process.

We start by confirming proper identification, reviewing the prospect’s historical background, financial health and degree of responsibility. We are vigilant in recognizing red flags and evaluating tenants based on credit scores, criminal history reviews, eviction history, employment verification and referrals from prior landlords. 

At Dodson Property Management we’re intentional in selecting a tenant who can pay on time, abide by the property’s policies, take care of the rental home within reason and live peacefully with other tenants!

Rent Collection

A great tenant will always pay on time! But, property owners may occasionally be faced with rent collection issues. Let Dodson Property Management help you in this department! We have a convenient online payment channel and a tenant portal where renters can pay 24/7! You can even keep track of rent payments through this portal.

online rent collection

On top of that, Dodson Property Management is here to send the proper notices when a tenant has not paid rent on time. We are well-versed with local and federal laws and always follow proper legal procedures. If eviction is required, we’re also prepared to deal with that matter as your professional representative.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Retaining loyal tenants for the long-term in your Jamestown rental home is easy with Dodson Property Management working for you! We provide the most responsive 24/7 maintenance support. If emergencies happen, you can trust that we’ll be there. 

What’s more, the maintenance services we offer are of outstanding quality. We only partner with the best service providers issuing competitive prices. Our prompt response guarantees that your tenants will be happy and remain trustful of your rental management.

About Jamestown, Virginia

Jamestown is known as the original permanent English settlement in the US. It’s situated near the James River close to the modern hub, Williamsburg. It has a rich history and, at present, is popular for its two heritage tourism sites.

Residents enjoy living in Jamestown because it’s near Williamsburg. Families and retirees alike are attracted to this peaceful area. Amenities are fantastic and include relaxing parks, restaurants and shopping centers. The community in Jamestown is family-friendly making this an ideal place to stay for the long term!

Here are interesting places to see in Jamestown, Virginia:

  1. Historic Jamestowne
  2. Jamestown Settlement
  3. Jamestown Island

(Source: Wikipedia)

In addition to Jamestown, we also proudly serve James City County, Ewett, Lightfoot, Toano, Norge, and Grove.