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FilterEasy | What It Does and How it Helps Landlords and Tenants

Dodson PM - Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Air filters are a big part of property management and rental property maintenance, and today we’re talking to the co-founder of FilterEasy, Thad Tarkington. We want to talk about the product and its benefits for our homeowner clients and our tenant customers.

What FilterEasy Does

Our service is to deliver the exact air filters a property needs to the door on the day those filters need to be changed. This ensures your filters are changed when they need to be, on time. It provides a convenience so the user doesn’t have to go to store or spend a lot of time looking for the right size. It makes the purchase easy.

How FilterEasy Benefits Tenants

There are three benefits to changing air filters regularly. First, it improves air quality, which is good for the tenants. According to the EPA, air quality indoors is between 2 and 5 times worse than outdoor air quality. With a high quality filter, you’ll be sure that particles are captured and removed, improving the air you breathe. Studies have shown that poor air quality leads to negative health effects, so this is important. Also, changing filters reduces your energy expense. Roughly half of all energy use goes to heating and cooling. With the efficient and timely changing of filters, you can reduce that energy expense by between 5 and 15 percent. So, tenants can save money on energy bills and heat and cool the property more effectively.

How FilterEasy Benefits Owners

This service protects your heating and cooling system. Your HVAC system is the second most expensive asset on the home. If you spend several thousand dollars on a system, you want something that lasts a long time. Prolonging its lifespan is as simple as changing your filter. Not changing filters is the number one cause of systems breaking. So, it can save you thousands.

We deliver the filters and make it easy so tenants can change them regularly. We have had numerous clients who have told us that they had issues every summer with HVAC repairs, but with our service in place, they no longer have to worry about that.

At Dodson, we share the FilterEasy goal of making people’s lives easier. If you have any questions about FilterEasy or how it can help you with property management in Virginia, please contact us at Dodson Property Management.