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Property Management and Content Marketing – Why is It Important?

Dodson PM - Monday, May 8, 2017

We are talking to you from the Broker/Owner conference here in sunny Las Vegas, and I’m joined by Abi Wasserman, the Director of Sales at Fourandhalf, which the company that helps us put these videos and blogs together. We want to talk to Abi about content marketing. Fourandhalf helps us with a lot more than content, but we are looking for an expert opinion on how that is taking over business marketing for companies like ours, and how landlords and property owners can benefit from it.

Video is Central to Marketing

Video is becoming dominant. You see it online and on all the social media channels. Snapchat went public recently, and video is prominent on Facebook and Messenger. Small businesses have to include video too so they can educate clients about their services and what they can do for them. As property managers, new and existing clients need to know what you do on a daily, monthly, and annual basis so they understand your value.

How Marketing Helps Homeowners

Even if you’re not looking for professional property management in Virginia, the content that companies like Dodson Property Management provides is valuable. At Dodson, we love the communities are in. We live where our clients and tenants live. We want to improve those areas. So, how can creating content help people who are landlords or renting out a property on their own? We help with information. If I don’t know how to fix a sink, I type how to fix a sink into Google, and I can usually find instructions or a YouTube video. Property management works the same way. There are so many question-and-answer based searches for property management and all things that landlords need help with.

As people are doing those searches, the companies providing the information can become the trusted experts. A landlord might do a search for getting rid of a tenant who isn’t paying rent. That landlord will remember the resources that were found, and those are the property managers they will turn to or refer when they need more help. This is beneficial to property managers, landlords, and other owners who can utilize the industry knowledge that experts get from conferences like this through the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). Sharing expertise is helpful to everyone.

If you have any questions about our content marketing and why we do it, or you need help with property management in Virginia, please contact us at Dodson Property Management.