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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Toano, VA? If so, consider hiring Dodson Property Management as your professional representative!

Established in Richmond, Virginia, and headquartered in Williamsburg, Dodson Property Management has been proudly serving property owners since 2007. We’re experts in taking care of various rental properties namely single-family homes, multifamily units and commercial properties.

We’ve built up a solid reputation in the industry given that we’ve managed more than 3,500 different properties. We aim to reduce the burden on rental owners in Toano by providing them with a committed property management team. 

Our team is composed of a senior property manager, assistant leasing manager and assistant maintenance manager who addresses all the concerns that your Toano rental is facing.

Dodson Property Management assures property investors that their Toano rental home will enjoy the attention it needs. Whether investors are seeking leasing services, full-service management or simply lease renewal assistance, we provide the same excellent level of service.

Delivering outstanding services to the renters is our mission while we keep your Toano rental home completely habitable and safe. Full support by a highly skilled property management team is provided.

Maximizing your investment returns is more achievable with excellent and well-trained professionals contributing their best industry practices.

Marketing a vacant rental, screening tenants, maintaining your property and collecting rent are common responsibilities for landlords. Allow industry experts to take care of these tasks and give you peace of mind while reducing your stress.

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Contact Dodson Property Management today at (757) 229 6810. We’re happy to share our in-depth knowledge and help you achieve your investment goals!

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Our Property Management Services

Our services are designed to protect your time while we look for high-quality tenants to place in your Toano rental home through intensive marketing. We help screen tenants and conduct property showings. In addition, we perform property inspections, coordinate repairs and negotiate leasing renewals.

Here are the benefits you’ll experience when you partner with us:

Rental Property Marketing

As a DIY landlord, you’ll be required to market your vacant Toana rental home. If you have little experience in creating ads, you might find it challenging to figure out where to begin. On top of that, you need to be available to respond promptly to inquiries from prospective tenants.

Dodson Property Management can do this for you!

We use tried and true online and offline marketing strategies to attract potential tenants to your rental unit. We release high-quality photos to heighten interest as well as write detailed property descriptions. 

Dodson utilizes diverse online platforms, from social media to property listing sites, to ensure your property is seen by a wide pool of prospective tenants.

Tenant Screening Process

On your own, it can be hard to separate good prospective tenants from bad ones – especially if you’re new to managing a rental home. Dodson Property Management has a detailed screening process that focuses on placing the right renters in your unit.

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We ensure the following:

Rent Collection

Self-managing landlords can experience difficulty when collecting rent for their Toano properties. As much as we expect renters to pay on time per the terms of the lease, some don’t. 

Dodson Property Management can easily resolve this issue using our organized rent collection system. We have set up payment channels that cater to the needs of the renters for convenience.

Tenants can pay anytime before the rent’s due date so they won’t have to worry about generating late fees. If the tenants display a lack of regard for rent due dates, Dodson Property Management handles the situation and proceeds by legally filing for eviction. 

Property Repairs & Maintenance

With so many property maintenance tasks to juggle, DIY landlords can slip up and commit costly errors. They may overlook a property issue that can lead to major damage in their Toano rental home. Dodson Property Management, however, is vigilant in taking care of your rental unit. We even conduct regular preventive maintenance inspections.

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Should renters report an issue, we address it right away and reach out to our trusted network of vendors. Property problems are fixed quickly, leading to satisfied renters who will be glad to stay for the long term. Our strategy of attending to minor issues as they arise keeps repair costs at a minimum.

If there is an emergency, your renters can easily contact us! This means you can avoid being woken up by late-night calls for urgent matters. This is especially important for property owners who live a considerable distance from their Toano rental home.

About Toano, Virginia

Toano is considered a part of James City County and used to be known as Burnt Ordinary. It was established in the late 19th century. Toano is situated in Virginia’s First Congressional District.

Residents enjoy living in Toano because of its reputation as a  family-friendly community. With numerous parks and a reservoir, it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors year round!. Kids have access to recreational facilities such as playgrounds while adults can enjoy nature walks with the lovely trails in the area.

(Source: Wikipedia)

In addition to Toano, we also proudly serve the areas of Williamsburg, Jamestown, Ewett, James City County and Lightfoot.